Almost every insurance covers chiropractic and we accept almost every insurance.

Group or Individual Insurance

Once you have met your deductible you will only be responsible for your co-pay or co-insurance. That amount can vary but is probably the same or very similar to what you pay at your medical doctor’s office. We will call your insurance company to check your coverage. This is generally done between your first and second visit. We will explain your coverage at your second visit.

If you prefer we can call your insurance company and check your coverage prior to your first visit. If you would like us to do that simply call our office and give us the insurance information that is found on your insurance card.

Auto and Other Accidents

Either your insurance company or the insurance company of the party at fault will pay for your chiropractic care. Once we receive the insurance information we will wait for payment from the insurance company. You will not be required to pay at your visits.


Chiropractic covers 80% of the chiropractic adjustment. This means that after your first-of-the-year deductible has been met and after your first visit you will have a co-payment of approximately $7 a visit. If you have a secondary insurance it will probably cover this $7 co-pay and you will not need to pay for your visits. If, however, you need additional therapy or rehab, you will need to pay for that care.

No Insurance or High Deductibles

If you do not have insurance or if you have a high deductible that has not been met you may be responsible for your own care. Tallant Chiropractic has a “time of service” discount which makes the cost of care very reasonable. We are always conscious of cost of the services we render and try to deliver you care in the most cost efficient way. We also offer Care Credit which allows you to receive your care now and pay for it over time without interest. Payment arrangements can also be made for those who do not qualify for Care Credit.