Tallant Chiropractic

Meet Dr. Tallant

chiropractor near meDr. Tallant is a great chiropractor and Sand Springs is fortunate to have him as one of only two chiropractors in the region. He is a native of Antlers, Oklahoma. He and his wife Jennifer have three sons, Marc, Tyler and Logan. They live in Sand Springs just a few minutes from the office.

Dr. Tallant attended two different chiropractic colleges and as a result has a great education. Life University in Marietta, GA and Texas Chiropractic College in Pasadena, TX. He has accumulated over 5,000 hours of chiropractic education – far more than that needed to graduate from chiropractic college. Dr. Tallant is most proficient in Diversified Technique, the most used technique in the profession. He is also proficient in the Activator and Thompson techniques.

Most of all, Dr. Tallant is a kind, people loving chiropractor that cares for his patients and gives great care.